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Elvish Nonsense (Part 4):Thrandupool by ryodita
Elvish Nonsense (Part 4):Thrandupool
I was working a lot during the last weeks so I needed to draw something nonsensical to clear my thoughts about the projects. And that is why I have Elvish Nonsense :D My boyfriend bought a pile of Deadpool comics and a Hobbit book for me. So I thought: hm... is there a connection somewhere? And I think Deadpool and Thranduil do indeed have a few things in common: they have scars, like to hear themselves talk, are killing quite a bunch of people and they are both kind of immortal. Maybe they would be great buddies :D
Monsterama: Stuepp by ryodita
Monsterama: Stuepp
And the last part of NelaNequins and my little Halloween Special. She writes the text while I do the illustrations.

This time we stay in our native country. The "Stüpp" is a special variation of werewolf, that only exists in the River Rhine region of Germany. It is suggested that it´s name comes from Peter Stump or Stubbe also known as "the werewolf of Bedburg". He was executed for witchcraft on October 31st 1589. One of his crimes amongst many others was the ability to turn into a wolf to devour humans. The mythical Stüpp on the other hand is a lot less bloodthirsty, so I am personally not very convinced that this origin of the name is really plausible.

But let Nela tell you more about the Stüpp:

A lonely wanderer, who goes his way by night along the wall of a graveyard or on the way of the cross, my suddenly feel a huge weight upon his shoulders. And when he turns, he will see a huge wolf with glowing eyes, that will not let go of him, till it is taken to its goal. This wolf is a Stüpp, a werewolf, that will not kill with claw and teeth, but by terrifying its victim and sucking out his lifeforce. Even those who survive an attack, will be marked for life. The Stüpp can only be stopped by a crucifix made of pure silver or by calling out the name of the man, hidden beneath the coat of fur.

That´s it for our little Halloween series! We hope you had fun and maybe, if you wish, we will see you soon with another series.

Happy Halloween!

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Monsterama: Gwrach y rhibyn by ryodita
Monsterama: Gwrach y rhibyn
Another monster for NelaNequins and my little Halloween Special. She writes the text while I do the illustrations.

Today we meet a creature, which is only known in Wales. It´s kind of the welsh equivalent of the irish Banshee and has the same grusome job to do. The Gwrach y rhibyn knocks at the windows and calls people by name, which is a sign of certain death.

But let Nela tell you more:

In some nights in Wales a mysterious creature lurks around. This creature has the shape of a very ugly and skelettonlike old woman, creeping through the darkness of the night or flying through the night sky on the wings of a bat. Sometimes she is said to creep up to window and scream the name of the person living in the house. Some other times her shrieking screams can be heard throughout the night, sounding like “Fy ngŵr, fy ngŵr!” and “Fy mhlentyn, fy mhlentyn bach!”

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Monsterama: Bauk by ryodita
Monsterama: Bauk
Another monster for NelaNequins and my little Halloween Special. She writes the text while I do the illustrations.

The Bauk is a monster from serbian mythology, somewhat like a boogey man but a bit more animalistic. It is supposed to be covered with fur, walking very unstable on two feet and being afraid of light. It´s name comes from the sound it makes, which sounds somewhat like "bauk". In the serbian translation of Lord of the Rings, the goblins are also called "bauk", so I assume this is a very versatile monster and it´s looks are not very clearly defined.

But let Nela tell you more about this:

In dark corners of certain rooms or beneath the old stairs of some basements, as well as on attics or in the shadow of old, dead trees, a creature called Bauk is living. There – in the darkness, to which it is perfectly adapted – it is waiting for its pray, to grap it quickly with its strong paws and devore it afterwards. The Bauk tends not to be picky, what kind of meat it will eat. Only a few of those, who could wrench themselves from the paws of this creature, could discribe the look of the Bauk, as he seems to be able to become one with the shadow. Hence it would be advised, to generally rather stay away from such dark corners.

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ryodita's Profile Picture

Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hi there and thank you for visiting my profile!

My name is ryodita and I´m an illustrator. Here in my gallery you will mostly find comicstuff and a lot of fanart. I hope you will see something you like in my gallery and that it will entertain you for a while^^

I´m always open for suggestions, since this is an opportunity to find something to draw I never thought of before. But please keep in mind, that this is only a suggestion and not an order, because this should be fun for both sides and there is some stuff out there I just don´t want to draw for one reason or another (some things that come immediately to my mind are furries or "pokémonlike" creatures, Twilight, porn or this overly cutesy shojomanga style). But in general I´m interested in many things so don´t worry too much about that XD.

"Draw my OCs for me!"

Since I got a lot of questions about this: please do NOT suggest OCs! I would do that as a paid commission, so if you are seriously interested in commissioning me for this, please read below under "Commissions". The explaination for this is, that I really want to be sure that the commissioner is serious about this task. If you want me to draw an OC this is a very personal thing and I will spend a lot of time with your character. So I just want to make sure, that my time is well spent to make someone happy and that I won´t waste time with somebody who will forget that he even commissioned me after one day. And believe me: I would not complain about that if I would not have made experiences with that.


If you want to commission me for commercial projects, 2d animation, illustrations or logodesign please send me a note. Since every project is different in complexity and volume I think it is best to discuss your project individually and I will see what I can do for you.

Thank you for reading :)

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